2012, the year of financial crises, overpopulation, nuclear risk, climatic disorders, dangerous ideological drifts. GAMERZ questions artists of our time testifying of these days and concerns through contemporary creation.

Let’s break the bank and investigate apocalyptic predictions thanks to digital creation.

For its 8th edition, the GAMERZ festival is back to Aix-en-Provence. More than 50 international artists present multimedia installations in 6 different places in town.

Coming from wide European artistic networks, they all join the festival to propose a free exhibition tour in town, both recreative and seriously questioning the deep changes at work in our society. This year again, the festival includes art pieces completed at La Maison Numérique in the Gamerz Fablab, whose residency programme is based on sharing of knowledge, horizontal learning and research of alternative use of robotics and telecoms.

Cooperation and sharing are key words of M2F’s vocabulary, promoting the free circulation of artists, ideas and know-how. The full programme composed of artists residencies, workshops, exhibitions and performances is realized in close cooperation with various regional, national and European organizations, thus paving the way to Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture.

Through a wide and funny set of astonishing performances, unlikely concerts, interactive conferences and professionals meetings, GAMERZ teleports the audience at the heart of new forms of creation exploring the borders of art and technology.

Quentin Destieu, Sylvain Huguet