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New-York, USA

Everything Always Everywhere is a new installation by Rafaël Rozendaal. Rozendaal is an artist who uses the internet as his stage, a place of unlimited freedom. In his installations he explores the challenge of bringing the sensation of fluidity and dynamics to the exhibition space. He has made numerous installations with mirrors and projections, expanding his web based works into spatial experiences.

As he says: “My medium in the end, is not the web, it is light, moving in front of your eyes. It’s about energy, energy manifesting on your computer or surrounding you in an installation”.

In his installation for GAMERZ festival he is pushing his ideas one step further: the floor and ceiling of the space will be entirely covered with mirrors, the walls will be covered with projections of his animated work. This infinite reflection will be an explosion of moving colors, surrounding the viewers in a never ending space of computer generated images, as if you are inside the internet, drowning in websites.