Seconde Nature
27 bis rue du 11 Novembre
13100 Aix-en-Provence
Tel : 04 42 64 61 01

Horaires :
Tous les jours de 14h à 19h sauf le vendredi de 14h à 16h

Artist exhibited :

Marseille, France

Invited by Seconde Nature and following a one-month residency, the artist Paul Destieu, will open Seconde Nature’s new season’s programme with the festival Gamerz. The artist’s unique solo exhibition will be composed of a series of brand new creations and reactivated works, confronting contemporary aesthetics with obsolete technologies.
Paul Destieu lives and works between Marseille and Maribor, Slovenia. He graduated at the school of Visual Arts in Orléans and at the Fine Arts Academy of Warsaw, Poland.
His artistic research focuses on the influence of technologies on our environment. With sources of inspiration coming from a great variety of mediums including cinema, evidence of setting, technical run-through and synchronization processes are found in his artistic production. He explores the borders between coincidence and mechanism. In Paul Destieu’s work, the breaking point is often at the very heart of the situation and protocol of the artistic piece, with high architectural tension between building and collapse of the system.
Necessarily including codes of our contemporary cultures, the artist puts the spectator at a distance to let him observe the balance of power between research of progress and obsolescence through confrontations of mediums and formats. Following a minimalist logic, the spectator confronts the actual frailty of his environment.

His work has been exhibited for many years in France and abroad. Guest lecturer at the National Architecture School of Marseille, he launches Otto-Prod/La Vitrine and organizes international cultural exchanges between France and Slovenia.