Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2F Créations


Berlin, Germany

Photosonicneurokineasthography, a live demonstration, 2004-2013

Photosonicneurokineasthography is the name Botborg gives to their audio-video experiments Harsh bursts of block color, incredibly detailed textures, pulsing white light, stroboscopic color, and experimental sound are all unified in this improvised performance.

Note: Botborg performances often include very loud sound played in combination with very fast flashing/strobe light.

Botborg is an audio-visual performance group with members in Europe and Australia whose work centers around the real-time creation of intense experiences of sound-color synaesthesia. Using a complex array of custom electronics, sound and vision are blended into a self perpetuating ’single signal’ of interdependent color and rhythm - or a spider-like meta-instrument giving birth to an audio-visual feedback web. Botborg’s live demonstrations are totally live multi-sensory assaults, designed to push the limits of technology to invoke the maximum possible stimulation of their audience’s mind and body.

Botborg has hosted live demonstrations at many prestigious music, film, and media festivals throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, and North America. Botborg’s films are distributed by Lightcone (Paris, France).