Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2F Créations

Robin Kobrynski. V-Atak

Paris, France

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Combustion, performance, 2013

Combustion is a singular performance using electric¬ity as the main source for the generation of sound and image.
Combustion is anti music and anti graphics, seeking the primitive core in visual and audio to extract only the essence of these sensory experiences.
Combustion is a constant research on the impact of image and sound in a synchronized informs narra¬tion, as a sort of a blast lost in space.
Robin Kobrynski is a founding member of the label V-Atak. This label consists of a hybrid combination of musicians and videographers they imposed a uncom¬promising and singular style for over a decade.

Robin Kobrynski is an artist working mostly sound and image. His work focuses on performance and immersive audio video involved. Robin Kobrynski is also a graphic designer and filmmaker, he has writ¬ten several short film on the label of which he is a founding member, V-Atak. Label created in 2005 ded¬icated to the publishing of audio and video.
Robin Kobrynski played in many countries favoring heteroclite places, from the Museum of Contempo¬rary Art in Toronto Squat Milada Prague through cin¬emas or disused factories Rockerill of Charleroi. Robin Kobrynski is involved in visual culture, he organized the festival Visionsonic in Ile-de-France for 4 years now. Graphic he created among other things, the fes¬tival poster Nemo 2012, and the trailer and the visual Visionsonic festival 2010 ....