Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2F Créations


Orléans, France

WikkiIRC, orgue barbare, installation, 2012

The installation "WikikIRC, the sound of Wikipedia” consists in the “listening” of the changes flow made in real time on the French version of the world famous collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia.

A robot posts each modification made on Wikipedia websites on a chat ( the “IRC” channel). For this installation, a software converts these texts and knowledge flows into an electric pulse which turns on a servo motor that actually activates a hammer rail (extracted from a piano). This hammer activates after that a piano key, which uses its hammer to hit on a string (triple string or “trichord”) to produce an audible sound. Played one after the other, these sounds, besides create a littlte bit of harmony in this world, describe the activity that grows daily on this collaborative encyclopedia.

“WikikIRC, the sound of Wikipedia” has been made and developed by: Anke, Anthony, Benjamin, Olivier, Pascal, Philippe, Sylvain for all the love of Labomedia.

Labomedia is an association that works for more than ten years in both the digital art field and the multimedia culture (of their mother).

Bookfighting, video game, 2009

Parallel to the « live » bookfighting game, Serge Pierre has developed a digital simulation allowing 4 players at the same time, replacing books by cell phones and the playground by a recomposed digital space.