Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2F Créations

Luce Moreau

Marseille, France

Constance, installation, mixed techniques 2013

Installation Details:

Constance is an evolutive installation to be displayed on a hill (a mountain top or roof of a building) visible at night from a distance of a few kilometers: three bright and powerful laser axis (red, green and blue) shine orthogonally from a box containing the origin of these axes points. The box is itself attached to a motorized equatorial frame (used in astronomy to point and hold a fixed sidereal object despite the movement of the Earth), it moves imperceptibly but steadily, thus canceling its own driving force by earth movement. The origin of the three axes remains with it in one point in space, as if in weightlesness.. The evolution of the race lasers observed from the earth’s surface forms an arc of 90 ° in 6 hours, being in fact the illusory motion of the observer’s own movement.

Artistic approach :

_Constance brings a universal spatial index to our look.

The installation is like a comment brought to the observation of our eternal landscapes, a tridimensional landmark used when representing volumes on a flat surface.

The width, height and depth XY and Z then materialize the tool of virtual spatialization in the real space of the landscape, and replace the natural order of things in an orderly kind of nature. Its measurement takes into account the motion of the Earth, which is that of the observer, and that of the landscape in order to cancel it and keep its orthogonal axes weightless . True to their origin O arbitrarily placed there on the heights embodied by myths, X, Y and Z are trying to measure the cosmos, the immeasurable. The landscape thus observed reaches a new kind of romanticism of space, time and our own movement, the constancy of which can be precisely enjoyed.

The installation will be activated on Thursday 10th, Friday 11th, Wednesday 16th and Saturday 19th from sunset to midnight.

Pulsar, video loop installation, 2012

Shot using a motorized equatorial mount, the sun of Pulsar stays still in the video frame despite its natural rotation in the sky. Besides the refraction effects of the sun light through the lenticular grid of the video camera, the picture of the sun « marks » the sensor at different levels of zoom,the same way as a biological persistence of vision would. The tool, set in automatic mode, is protecting itself from the offensive light source by opening and closing its diaphragm.

The video installation Pulsar will be shown on Friday 11th, Wednesday 16th and Saturday 19th from sunset to midnight.