Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2F Créations

Thomas Cimolaï

Paris, France

The trophys from the 6th continent, collection, computer generated models from video games. Print on plastic canvas, sewing / sticking, 2010

Material is modified by the transitions from digital to analogue put at work by the artist.
Copy/paste actions remove sculptures step by step from one place to another.
They come from virtual models being transformed and degradated thus moving concepts by printing, copying and pasting. Those potentially and initially tridimensional shapes lay flat to our eyes, thus open to being filled by possible story telling.

Pretty much like Pierre Joseph reactivated characters, Thomas Cimolai offers his trophys :
space rocket and aeronautic engines skin to fill or to use. Signs, letters without phonic frame (1), writing without consonants, traces of past actions with no effective gestures.

Excerpt from a text by Mariina Bakic.

(1). La Charpente phonique du langage : Roman Jakobson, Linda Waugh, Minuit, Paris, 1980.

My artistic approach takes place at the crossroads between object, sculpture and mediatics technologies:
The materiality test the immateriality and vice-versa. Notions of effectiveness and persuasion inspire my production. All of that began with an important interest for the relationship which keepen by the spectator with outside relayed by screen and interfaces.