Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2F Créations

Tatiana Vilela

Paris, France

Oort, interactive installation, 2013

Oort is a playful light-based interactive installation. Via this perceptible but intangible controller, the player pilots a podracer through a field of abstract celestial bodies. As a power flow between the virtual universe and the tangible space, this experience offers a tactile aspect to the brightness. By this contact with photons, the spect-actors can make a gestural choregraphy to navigate through a procedurally generated digital cubes sea. In the manner of an arcade device, this experiential object is an avoider game. The progression through the experience is marked by levels, but also by a visual and sound enrichment. The result is a form of hypnosis created by the merger between man and machine through the light-controlled digital space but also by the gradual saturation and animation of the virtual universe. Each hand of the player is associated with a pod of the vessel, so that only a maximum concentration allows it to control the machine. Thus, the interactor, diving in the world, is forced to incorporate the necessary knowledge for navigation and gradually detaches from the tangible world.

Tatiana Vilela is a digital and game designer. Graduated in digital design from the ICAN, her playful works question the aesthetic experiences emerging from human-machine interactions. Student in video game arts at the University Montpellier 3, she has designed and developed Oort with Quentin Couvreur, 3D modeler and animator, and Robin Devilette, pixel artist, students of the same training. She also created the soundtrack of the experience with the composer Benjamin Demotié. For this ninth edition of the Gamerz festival, she develops a more powerful version of the light captation system with the programmer and ICAN’s student, Romain Péchot.