Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2F Créations

France Cadet

Marseille, France

Do robotic cats dream of electric fish?, Robotics and video installation, 2007

Blending into society, robots are now becoming more and more life-like. And they are claiming to be acting as moral agents. Nemo, the robotic fish, is swimming imperturbably in the screen, which is its fish tank as well.

The robotic cat is sitting in front of the screen, watching, as if looking at a real fish swimming in a real tank. The cat might not been fooled. It might be aware it is only a video and it is just having fun watching a DVD of the famous Nemo…Thus this robotic cat might have the ability and desire to experiment social activities and pleasures such as the ones TV profusely offers. Even though nowadays it is a luxury to own a sophisticated robotic pet, a robot imitation, and not a real pet, maybe soon it will be the opposite such as Philip K.Dick vision.

Robotic dog skeleton anatomy, Drawing, ink on paper, 2008

With nanotechnologies scientific discoveries, the boundaries between the living and the artificial tend to disappear, introducing the artificial into the natural and vice-versa. Donna Haraway’s model of the cyborg is thus imposing itself gradually, with the postmodern notion of one same nature-culture, getting rid of the body’s dualities and oppositions between nature and culture, object and subject..
Flesh and mechanics are intertwined as suggested by the 18th century-like anatomical hand dot drawing "Robotic dog skeleton anatomy", revealing the inner biological anatomy of a robotic dog.

Canis Lupsus Anatomies, hand-made screen-printing with scratchable ink, 2010

This series of 6 serigraphs mixes the artificial outfit of the animal ( its robotic shell) with its inner biological anatomy (cardiovascular and digestive system, skeleton).
The shell of the robot is made of silver scratchable ink : The inner and functional anatomy of the robot might appear , whether the owner of the serigraph decides to scratch the silver ink of the shell or not. The decision makes the serigraph a unique piece, as the owner turns into a brand new imagery surgeon.
Another one, X-Ray Robot, lets a QRcode appear.
The audience is invited to use their mobile phone or digital tablet with QR reader as a scanner or X ray machine. The printed image being revealed when flashing the QR code is that of the robotic dog under X rays.
It’s up to the owner to scratch the ink or not.

Robot mon amour..., digital interactive photographs, 2013

Going a step further into transformations, France Cadet performs into the shape of a gynoid through this series of digital and interactive photographs.
Following the aesthetic standards of science fiction, those hybrids reflect the contemporary imagination of cyborgs. Half robot and half woman, into the shape of a female android, the artist explores and questions the functioning of the human body, its feelings, emotions and communication between man and machine.
Both natural and artificial, erotic and robotic, inner and outer, real and unreal...
Those hybrid bio-mechanical bodies naturally artificial by definition, call us to interact with them through our senses ( touching, caressing..)
Come closer, touch gently and you will trigger artificial muscle of the butterfly flapping its wings, you will hear the pace of a heart beat, or feel a lightening electronic shivering...

Cyber Lesson # 32…, 3D printing sculpture 2013

Objectification sexuelle ou érotisme robotique ?
Sexual objectification or robotics erotism?
France Cadet once again diverses the seduction lesson from the famous lingerie brand, with a robotic version of Lesson 32.
A cyborg sculpture of the artist realized thanks to 3D scan and printer, is kneeling on the ground hands tied. Like those fashionable Japanese human faced android, the sculpture seems able to feel and have sexual needs...or is it just programming? It’s up to you to say..

Turning to art from scientific background, France Cadet, born in 1971, belongs to those kinky artists who got fascinated by robotics. She performs electronic surgery on robotic dogs, hacks them, customizes their form and reprogrammes them with unusual behaviours.
Her funny and critical multimedia installations tackle the issue of Man/animal/robot relations.