Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
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Alain Béhar & Cie Quasi

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Angelus Novissimus

A story of angels with some lonely characters, with their profiles, login and their unlikely avatars, scattered in various places, real or virtual, material or electronic, but permanently linked – that’s the etymology of religion –
by the means of tele-presence. The text is written by a voice duet, Alain Béhar and Vincenzo Susca, in the vicinity of “sociology of the imaginary”.
The performance takes place in three interconnected locations where the whole audience watches together one single show from three points of view. It’s about angels, there are only angels, all humans have become angels.

Text : Alain Béhar et Vincenzo Susca
Mise en scène : Alain Béhar
scénographie et images : Karin Andersen, Raymonde Couvreu et Alain Behar
Musique et création sonore : Marc Siffert
création hypermédia : Ivan Chabanaud, Stéphane Cousot, Benoit Delbroucq
création lumière : Marie-Christine Soma
With : Renaud Bertin, Valentine Carette, Dolores Davias, Mathilde Gautry, Julien Mouroux et François Tizon

Alain Behar, a writer and director, has been leading Quasi company since 2003. His research work, in texts as well as on stage, lies at the junction of several disciplines: theatre, visual arts, (performances, installations, exhibitions), choreography, etc. It’s always about proposing counterpoints to bring to existence an open form which traces prospects and breaches. Sense circulates without ever getting stiffened in a closed discourse.

For several years Quasi’s creations have been both questioning and playing about ontological mutations connected to the use (or uses) of vectors, media and so-called new technologies among our various socialities.