Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
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Pierre Amoudruz & David Guerra

Lyon, France

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Reverrance, Live audiovisuel, 2012
Quelle urgence y a-t-il à prendre son temps ?

Reverrance takes place in a society of hyper-connectivity, overconsumerism and efficiency where communication is everywhere up to our own intimacy. Reverrance is about a possible deceleration and offers a contemplative journey between music and pictures. By scuplting the raw audio and video material in real-time, Pierre Amoudruz and David Guerra craft a performance between music and live cinema, evolving through a “warpian” electro-pop music. Rediscover the carefreeness of childhood, dive into a good book, roam by proxy, leave... Reverrance is an invitation to suspended animation, an incentive to wander around... not so far from the dream.

Concepteurs / Interprètes : Pierre Amoudruz / David Guerra
Production : AADN
Co-production : Bizarre !

David Guerra is a self-made multi-instrumentalist. He was lately trained at CFPM Villeurbanne (Center for Professional Musical Training) in 2008 in order to reinforce his skills and open new research paths for his work. He’s been performing unclassifiable IDM /Techno sets under the name of SVINDRÖN in numerous place in Lyon and the region for more than 10 years, like the Riddim Collision festival.
He also composed for dance projects such as « Bipolarité » by Mélissa Noël, “Sacred” at the Nuits Sonores in 2009, or “Hypermetrop” in 2012 and participated to scenography works such as Blind-sceno for the Théât’Réalités Festival in 2011.

Very early, Pierre Amoudruz is particulary interested in relations between Arts and public space. He collaborates with the world of dance, realizes several video creations for musical projects and designs immersives scenographies for French festivals as the Nuits Sonores. In 2008, he takes the artistic direction of AADN, association promoting the development of digital arts in Lyon (France).

Together, they create the interactive and participative installation the « Standing Men », realized in 2009 for the Fête des Lumières of Lyon. They will cross France with this installation before coming to present it to the Crossings festival in May, 2013.