Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
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M2F Créations

Philippe Boisnard et Hortense Gauthier

Angoulême, France

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Translation, performance, 2012-2013

TRANSLATION is an audiovisual performance on speed and space-time, sounds and images are produced in real time in a synaesthetic logic and hallucinatory. This is a dive in memory, how digital memory deforms in vibration velocity and the temporal and spatial diffraction generated by travel, trips, connections, translations. While we believe that digital archiving is identical reproduction, Translations provides meeting covered by this memory affects that are algorithms.

Distance and expansion rate and compression, and scroll suspension, timing and stalling are the themes of this project live cinema.
From films when traveling to various means of transport, HP Process built in real-time traveling exploring the infinite variations and visual distortions generated by speed. This is both crossing multiple jurisdictions s and dive into the vibrational field of video and sound that unfolds from a hybridization between voice, text and electronic sounds to move towards a hypnotic noise densification.
TRANSLATION is a kinetic experience, a digital dream machine that transcends the opposition between real and imaginary vision screening between geographical areas and mental space.

Since 2006, Philippe Boisnard and Hortense Gauthier form HP Process, an entity in conjunction / disjunction which develops digital-media creations. They work primarily on performance and poetic digital and interactive installations. The logic of real-time interactivity, participation and generativity are at the heart of their approach to create devices which mix the different spaces of representation and perception, and play the ambiguity between the real and the virtual.
At the sound, their work is based on the expansion of sound from the voice in a noisy and immersive sense frequencies to create both an electronic sound poetry, as soundscapes.
Digital technologies are for them extension tools, densification and intensification of deconstruction of language and poetic forms as a medium capable of revitalizing writing, and give it new forms.
They define their work as a DIGITAL POETRY ACTION, through which they attempt to investigate the relationship between body, networks, spaces and technologies, and to explore the visual dimensions, visual, audio, digital and personal writing.
They were involved in many festivals, museums, universities, galleries and theaters in France and abroad (Brazil, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy, Tunisia ...). They founded and directs the DATABAZ center in Angouleme, space creation and dissemination around writing and digital arts.