Gamerz-Festival #09

10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
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Nicolas Maigret

Paris, France

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System Introspection, performance, 2002-2010

Concrete and tangible binary code exploration, "System Introspection" is best understood as the physical experience of a computer’s numerical data by meticulous observation of the machine itself. The audiovisual system designed by artist, programmer and researcher Nicolas Maigret converts the contents of a hard drive and all its intrinsic qualities (structure, logic, rhythm, compression) into a fascinating flow of digital synesthesia. As in Maigret’s other pieces, the characteristics of the subject matter are revealed through errors, malfunctions, boundaries and tolerances, cleverly converted into a deeply immersive audiovisual enclosure.

Nicolas Maigret is an artist working in digital art and sound since 2001. His work exposes the internal workings of media, through a reflection on their errors, their dysfunctions, their limitations or failure thresholds. After completing studies in inter-media art, Maigret joined the LocusSonus lab in France, where he explored networks as a creative tool. He teaches at École des beaux-arts de Bordeaux and cofounded the collective Art of Failure in 2006. He is also involved with the project Platforme, an artist-run centre in Paris.
His work has been presented in international festivals, galleries and museums: Sonar (Barcelona, ES) - File (Sao Paulo, BR) - Museum of Art and Design (New York, USA) - SETI (San Francisco, USA) - Upgrade! (Chicago, USA) - Eastern Bloc (Montreal, CA) - (Birmingham, UK) - Sonica (Ljubljana, SI) - Leeds Film Festival (UK) - Mapping Festival (Genève, CH) - National Gallery (Kosice, SK) - Cimatics (Brussels, BE) - Gaite Lyrique (Paris, FR)…