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10th to 20th october 2013
Multimedia Art Festival
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Elise Charbey & Ewen Chardronnet

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Survival Park, end of the world in Bugarach, video 22’, 2012
Production : Bandits-Mages
In recent years, the Pic de Bugarach, old mythical mountain in the Cathar country, tourist destination of international speculative esoterism, was designated as the place that would be saved from the end of the world announced for December 21, 2012. A large theater anxiety was then carefully deployed around the small village of Bugarach. The non-event was indeed an opportunity to deploy a military-media system to support the precautionary principle of institutional occult against possible excesses of sectarian autonomous communities or isolated irrational followers of the belief in the presence of extra-terrestials on Earth or simply the non-explained. The mountain would be fenced to prevent access. The village became a headquarters of the dispositif. A "survival park" was put in place. How to navigate in an environment like this? How to maintain autonomy and sovereignty metaphysics when the only two offered alternatives are to be part of the device or observe a remote derision? The Association of Autonomous Astronauts, a collective phantom questioning post-communism, millenarianism and cosmist metaphysics of its time decided to set out to conquer the summit as a light brigade...

The film

A film by Elise Charbey and Ewen Chardronnet
Image Mathilde Arnold
Sound François Robin
Music Grégoire Charbey
Production Bandits-Mages
A film crew was sent to Bugarach for the realization of a film essay decrypting the catastrophic psychosys generated around the Pic de Bugarach, a mountain in the heart of the esoteric Aude and designated as one of the planetary locations saved by the end of the Mayan world of 21/12/12.

Elise Charbey is an artist, musician and independant film maker based in Tours (Fr). She’s been directing numerous documentaries for the TGA television production company and the Culturz magazine.
Ewen Chardronnet, born 1971, is an author, artist and curator. He has been engaged in various collaborative art&research works such as Bureau d’Etudes, Makrolab, Spectral Investigations Collective or World-Information.Org. He published in 2001 "Quitter la Gravité", the french anthology on the Association of Autonomous Astronauts and performed several zero-gravity parabolic flights in this context. In 2003, he received with the Acoustic Space Lab collective the Leonardo New Horizons Award for their project around the conversion of a former soviet giant radiotelescope in Latvia. Ewen wrote in many books and publications and is the co-founder of the science&technology philosophical and critical journal, The Laboratory Planet. He’s also part of the pilot Committee of the Ksevt, the Cultural Center for European Space Technologies (Slovenia).