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2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
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9th cloud Compositeur [Compositeur & interprète] & interprète et Cyril Meroni [Scénographe & vidéaste]

Live Audio / Visuel

PRISM [Backdrop source cross resurgence] is a musical and visual work which consists in a creative pulsion and endeavours to stage its causes and its consequences. PRISM is a highlight on what is going on in the thoughts and within the environment of the artist at the very moment he creates.
He is touched by numerous sources of inspiration, real or imaginary, throwed on backdrop which consists of six faces. (hexagonal prism)
Such sources that show the manner ideas can emerge, meet, reconstitute and resonate with themselves (larsen) to materialise into a sound.

Sound outlook (9th cloud)
Through PRISM, I wish to experiment the sonic substance as a base material for a composition of electronical music, both dreamlike, flightlike and rhytmically heady.
I cherish and I question what my creative process has been for years. The technical approach (use of concrete sound, sound morphings, granular synthesis, and reality-off sonrity design) is in the toil an aim made of automatic writing, surrealism, free association of ideas, and unconscious steps and reconstitutions of sound possible worlds from his imagination.
A way to ask oneself about the creative act, the external influence about inspiration, the limits of the latter, as well as a fresh contribution with technical processes.

Scenography et video (Cyril Meroni)
PRISM is, pre-eminantly, a space that opens out and takes shape the different sources that reach the musician who is placed in its center: waves, lights, emotions, temporality and reminiscences.
This volume split up the movements and the ideas as the origin the the creative act.
He transmits and he shows a dispersion of the real time in different possibles. Thus, the spectator, the musician and the protagonists of the projected image are all the actors of the emotional, temporal and mental fragmentation.
Visually, our questionning openly influence the aesthetics: what is going on inside the artist’s mind when he is creating?
The driving forces of this filmic realisation consist of motion designs more real than the video materials, an anamorphose of the space scales including realm and fiction.

Interaction sound / image
This performance waver between concert, sound designed cinema, and sound objects theatre. The music includes some sounds from movies. In addition, the artist’s gestures, by distance and pressue sensors, influence the shape of the image.

A co production of : Seconde Nature, CrossedLab et Low Tech Utopia.