Gamerz-Festival #10

2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2f Créations - Lab GAMERZ

Yro, Bernard Szajner, Jesse Lucas & Erwan Raguenes

Rennes, France

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Yro is a prolific and multidisciplinary artist, who goes from video art to music and installation in an aesthetic world composed of poetic and minimal shapes. He is a video mix and live-performer for cinema pioneer, through numerous solo or group projects with several French and international artists.

SATI is Jesse Lucas (video artist) and Erwan Raguenes (composer and multi-instrumentist). These two multi-faceted artists also collaborate under the name of Avoka. They are the creators of the live soundtrack performance for the children movie « L’odysée de Rick le cube » (Armada Production)

Bernard Szajner, often considered as the French Brian Eno, is a composer, theorist and visual artist. During the 1970’s, he pioneered the creative and commercial use of lasers and invented in 1980 a laser harp also known as « Syeringe ». In 2013, he is back on stage with Yro on the « The Conference of the Birds » project.

PERSYSTOGRAF, interactive installation, 2014

With the PERSYSTOGRAF, Avoka’s latest interactive installation, the collective is continuing their exploration of the misappropriation of musical instruments. While the DYSKOGRAF experimented with the writing of rhythms using a turntable and the rotation of a graphic score on a paper disk, the PERSYSTOGRAF permits the notions of harmony and melody to be tried out by borrowing the codes and techniques used by the hurdy-gurdy or the barrel organ.

Using a hand crank, the spectator activates the sound device and the rotation of a video screen, which presents itself. Using additional control knobs, the experimentation of this atypical instrument will generate visual sound waves depending on the interactions of the user.

Through the simplicity of the production and control device, the spectator can fully concentrate on the visualisation of his or her creation and thus playfully experiment with mixing a visual and sound composition. At the opposite end of a profusion and complexity of sound visualising devices, the minimalism of the PERSYSTOGRAF, through a kinaesthetic and sensorial approach, makes it possible to get to grips with the simple relationship between image and sound.

A co production of the Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains / Avoka.