Gamerz-Festival #10

2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2f Créations - Lab GAMERZ

Sandra Aubry & Sébastien Bourg

France (1980 and 1977)

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Live and work in Paris

One Shot Date Painting, chassis, acrylic, 50 x 40 cm, perf-embossed pulp board box, kraft scotch, printed sticker, 53 x 43 cm, 2013
Based on original artwork by On Kawara Date Paintings, 1966-2014

“A lifetime dedicated to work, a man’s everyday voluntary enslavement to Time’s memory inscription, an absurd gesture made to prove the essence of existence... On Kawara is a Hero. Art made him a Super-Hero. There is one place left free, and nobody seems to react. We have no other choice: we’ll be the Super-Villains. Heroes don’t last forever.” (Sandra Aubry & Sébastien Bourg, 2013).