Gamerz-Festival #10

2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2f Créations - Lab GAMERZ

Emmanuel Laflamme


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Lives and works in Montréal

Survival of the Fittest, Graffiti, 2012

Based on the original artwork Rat Stencil by Banksy, 2002

Survival of the Fittest is a far more personal artwork than it may look at first sight. The artist, being very faithful to Banksy’s style, voluntarily confuses the audience about the authorship of the work. Yet the work itself is highly symbolical, and hints at the artist’ own past experience and turning point in his life, when he precisely decided to turn from stop motion to contemporary art. Banksy’s rat thus stands for the artist himself, feeding itself from cartoons in order to survive and follow his path.