Gamerz-Festival #10

2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2f Créations - Lab GAMERZ

Grégoire Lauvin


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Lives and works in Aix-en-Provence

Brrr ! Le bruit de l’électricité, Sound installation, refrigerators, wires, multi-plugs, 2013

Based on the original artwork Bzzz ! Le son de l’électricité by Cécile Babiole, 2012

Brrr ! Is a sound installation that tries to spatialize and audify the sound of electricity. Based on the artwork of Cécile Babiole, it is presented in the very same conditions as the original one was presented during the Gamerz Festival in 2012. Brrr ! Is a radical and biting interpretation of Bzzz !, very faithful to the author’s original point : “ In the era of the all-digital, this scupture is reinventing a low-tech wave shapes generator. It thus partakes in a reflection on the history of technologies. It is a sort of tribute to analogue sound, without any sampling or processing, a tribute to the sound of electricity “.