Gamerz-Festival #10

2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2f Créations - Lab GAMERZ

Minsu Kim

Londres, Royaume - Uni

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Minsu Kim graduated from Design Interactions at Royal College of Art in London 2013. He investigates sensory interactions and robotics that evoke new emotional and psychological reactions. To achieve this he probes the boundary between living things and artificial things by designing empathetic communications.

The Illusion of Life, Sensory Interaction, 2013

"The Illusion of Life" is an experimental work of creating a sensory illusion of life by impersonating human respiratory organ as an audible set of interactions - facilitating strong bonds of communication and connection between the user and a machine. The machine gives an impression of human whispering by mimicking the intricacies of human physiology: Breath temperature, humidity, smell, and vocal qualities. It augments emotional subtleties and imprints them onto our senses - such as confidentiality, love and threat.