Gamerz-Festival #10

2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

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Guillaume Stagnaro

Marseille, France

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Guillaume Stagnaro (born 1975, lives in Marseille)
Visual artist, teacher and researcher, he conducts a practical, speculative and theoretical exploration in the field of cybernetics through the realization of digital art pieces and installations.
For several years he worked with many artists for whom he designs and manufactures computing, robotic and electronic systems.
He teaches in the Hypermedia workshop of Aix-en-Provence Art School (ESSA).

Fluorescent Umwelt, Digital Installation, 2013

“Fluorescent Umwelt” is an Art intervention in public space following a research around the idea of parasitism and is directly inspired by the reading of the seminal book of Ethology ‘A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans’ (1934) by Jacob von Uexküll. In his book von Uexküll develops the notion of Umwelt according to which “every living species has its own universe, to which it gives meaning and imposes its determination”. We share and interact today almost permanently with another kind of "species” which, much as the living species described by von Uexküll, has his own universe. Programmed objects, ubiquitous in our modern society, because of their ability to perceive and act on the world give a new meaning to it in the same way that ethology allowed mankind to take a new look at the world at that time.

Fluorescent Umwelt is the (temporary) invasion of the electrical system of the Vasarely Foundation’s building by a colony representative of this new species. A colony of small organisms that feed on electricity and play with the lights after sunset.

“Fluorescent Umwelt“ was developed during the creation residency Working holidays 2013, organized by the association Ott-prod, at Maribor, Slovenia.

A Production of Otto-prod and UGM Maribor.


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