Gamerz-Festival #10

2nd to 12th october 2014
Multimedia Art Festival
free entrance

M2f Créations - Lab GAMERZ

Olivier Morvan

Orléans, France

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Olivier Morvan is a male caucasian homo sapiens sapiens, with no distinctive feature of any kind, and the owner of a French passport in order.
The archives of the « escapologic project » can be checked on line at
He is also a graphic designer :

Exhibition A ton image, 2014

The « escapologic project » has been developing in the shape of exhibition-episodes since 2006. Escapology is the art of escaping, as prestigitators do when they manage to get out tied up of a locked chest plunged into water.
The « escapologic project » progressively designs a puzzle with blurred oulines, the pieces of which seem to combine diffently and endlessly.
It is an augmented fiction. Assuming that « digital art is what flickers », you won’t find any digital art in there. Having a close look at it, this combinary fiction strangely resembles video games : episodes are also places and look like boards, the territory unfolds as you walk through it, the labyrinthe, the accumulation of clues, investigation, quest, wandering, threats, the avatar and the mask. And also, the way subjectivity intrudes flaws (game between the pieces) to create the spectator’s own coherence. The audience becomes the actor, and sometimes glitches, holes, missing elements occur : something missing.
One may see in there the outlines of far older archetypes such as those of Ulysses or Theses in the Divine Comedy, or in the tradition of the picaresc novel. Far beyong the video game, the « escapologic project » belongs to an old History of mythical and collective representations…

The archives of the « escapologic project » can be checked on line at